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School Rally traced back to Michael Joseph McCann, c. 1843
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Written by Administrator   
May 08, 2010 at 01:06 PM

On 5th May 2010, David Michael Lee wrote me and informed me about the history of our school rally after reading an article published on TheFranciscan.ORG. Read the article here. According to David, the tune was described as a French martial air - in fact believed to be an Irish tune named 'O'Donnel Abu' and if you google the name, the source of the tune  goes back to an Irish heritage

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May our Students Learn from Karpal's Service and Dedication to Malaysia & to People of all Faiths
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Written by Dr Francis Loh Kok Wah   
Apr 20, 2014 at 08:06 PM


We, the Boards of Governors and Managers of St Xavier’s Institution, SK St Xavier’s, and SK St Xavier’s Cawangan are deeply saddened to hear of YB Karpal Singh’s sudden death.

YB Karpal was one of our ‘towering Malaysians’, a most illustrious son, no doubt. He was dubbed the ‘Lion of Jelutong’, from where he was repeatedly elected into Parliament, before he moved to contest in and to represent Bukit Gelugor, both constituencies in Penang.

YB Karpal was a fearless and renowned lawyer. In and out of Parliament, Karpal spoke out bravely  against the making of unjust and bad laws, and opposed policies that discriminated against the down-trodden and minorities whilst favouring the cronies and racial or religious exclusivists. He also condemned the use of these bad laws to oppress critics, activists and Opposition leaders. In this regard he was among those detained without trial under the ISA during Operasi Lalang 1986. He was respected not only among freedom loving and justice-seeking Malaysians of all races and religions; he was also respected by foreign political leaders and law experts, and international human rights groups.  He was proud of his party, the Democratic Action Party, and ultimately served as its National Chairman.

Yet YB Karpal never forgot his roots. One of these roots led back to his alma mater in Penang. In 2009, he was the Guest of Honour at SXI’s annual speech day. In 2011, he came to SXI to speak at the launching of the Memoirs entitled ‘The Man from Borneo’ authored by Rev Bro Datuk  Michael Jacques fsc, his former teacher. In 2012, he found time to grace the 160th Anniversary Dinner commemorating the founding of his alma mater in 1852; and in 2013 he came to pay respects and to bid farewell to Rev Bro Datuk Charles Levin fsc, the longest-serving Director of SXI. Indeed, it was Karpal who had nominated the good Brother for datuk-ship honours from the Penang State government. He also donated generously to SXI’s various causes.

And now, we mourn the passing of YB Karpal Singh, too. No doubt, he imbibed many La Salle values, not least our special concern for ‘the last, the lost and the least’. Karpal’s death is a major loss for our country and Parliament, his party and the democratic struggle, and to our St Xavier’s schools.

May our students and all young Malaysians learn from Karpal’s love, service and dedication to his nation Malaysia, and to people of all faiths and races.

Rest in Peace, dear Sir. God’s Peace and Blessings to you, and to your family and friends on this sorrowful occasion.

Dr Francis Loh Kok Wah (Chairman)
Board of Governors, St Xavier’s Institution, and Board of Managers, SK St Xavier and SK St Xavier Cawangan
17 April, 2014

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A thousand old boys rekinder their brotherhood on SFI 134 year anniversary
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Written by Administrator   
Apr 08, 2014 at 12:48 PM














This year dinner of 100 tables were all taken up by mainly old 'boys' as only form 6 have female students, oldest present was a 93 year old.

5 old boys who are in their 80s, who were invite on stage to cut a cake old boys from local and overseas as far as Australia, many who were busy with work made a point to come back and attend this even which were held once every 2 years.

Sim Beck Choo (72 yrs old): Not only that I am an old boy, I taught in SFI for 30 yrs, have been attending the school reunion function without fail, SFA is like a big family with a steady flow of new members every year. this year dinner is also around qing ming to facilitate some members who came back for the prayers to their ancestors.

Chong (Melaka Hakka Assoc CHairman, 1985 boy): those days in SFA was memorable and is happy to be still in contact with so many classmates. He remembered the school celebrated its 100th anniversary when he was in SFA with much funfare, which he still can recall everytime he go back.

Dato Goh (Bemban state rep, class of 93): attended the reunion dinner 2 to 3 times and felt happy about it, he had to cancel a few invitations to be able to come this this dinner. tonight his old classmates occupied 4 tables, has met some old teachers and friends, just like those school days. He hope that similar activities be organised by every school to foster old boys connection.

He said the class of 93 has setup a facebook page to reconnect the class with news on their old school.

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St. Francis' Institution, Melaka - 134th Anniversary Dinner
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Written by Administrator   
Apr 04, 2014 at 06:08 AM

Calling all Franciscans,

Count down and an event that is completely SOLD OUT.  Maximum numbers of tables SFI QUADRANGLE can hold is 100 tables and all these 100 tables are fully taken up and many more are approaching Bro Ambrose for seats

We thank you for your wonderful support without which this dinner will be like any ordinary event.  Come this Saturday 5-April-2014, this dinner event you will not like to miss.  Let's all of us have a marvelous time to catch up with our teachers, schoolmates and classmates.

 We can park our cars at SFI Primary compound and also at SFI Secondary school field. RELA personnel will be on hand to direct traffic and please be a nice school boy/girl and follow the instruction/direction as per the authorized personnel on duty.  Encourage to car pool.

Below is the Programme card which will be put on the table for us to bring home.

We have arrange for the photographers all volunteers current SFI boys and old boys to go around to capture your year Class photographs.  Please give us your utmost co-operation.


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Written by Tan Chin Shu   
Mar 07, 2014 at 04:54 AM

28th February 2014

Dear Franciscans,

Three articles from the Star dated 24th February 2014 caught my attention and I like to share these with you.  These are about contributions or giving back to society but in different ways.  --- DONATE THE  O. C. T.  WAY

1)    New lease of life for teen with rare liver ailment

You may recall that sometime last year, there was an appeal for financial assistance for our Franciscan, Teng Cyun Shen to undertake a liver operation.  In a short period, we were informed that there was enough fund for him.  The next hurdle is to get a suitable donor.  Again, thankfully there was never short of donors.  These donors are “strangers” and are willing to give a part of their very own liver to save another “stranger”.

We are most happy to note that Teng Cyun Shen and doner are doing well.  We wish them a very quick recovery.

This, I called  “O” for “ORGAN” DONATION.

2)    Tycoon gives back to society

Although one may note that a good portion of this Tycoon’s success are from gambling and betting, it is still a good gesture that he donates back to society through their numerous CSR programmes.  Of course, they give by the millions and to a vary wide range of beneficiaries ranging from education, old folks homes, humanitarian assistance, performing arts etc.

It is hoped that such contributions would spur the other Big Boys to do the same for the benefit of the society.

This is “C” for “CASH” DONATION.

3)    Scholars give back

I clearly recalled during the FCKL Inaugural Fund Raising Dinner in 2005, one committee member, Eric Ng Teck Seng (1975) had played a very active role and I was looking forward for his continuing participation with our Alma Mater but unfortunately, he told me that he is committed to another cause i.e. to form another charity organization, “Kuok Foundation Scholars Club” for the recipients of the Kuok Scholarships an avenue to payback.  Today, he and his scholars had successfully established the Club and doing some wonderful works like tuiton, organizing healthy activities to the youths, charitable work etc.

Well done, Teck Seng.

Finally this is “T” for  “TIME” DONATION.

So here we are, today, in this tough and rough world, remember there are still a good number of Samaritans around, giving back in various ways, sacrificing their ORGAN to the ‘sick’, CASH contribution for humanitarian works and TIME contribution to provide community works and reaching to the young.


In this respect, it is worthy to note that we, fellow Franciscans, are also doing our small share of paying back to our dear Alma Mater.  For the last few years, we have witnessed the growth of the “Class Contribution”.  This has been a very successful programme that provides the opportunity for our Alumni to contribute back to the School.  As we are scheduling this on a year to year basis, we are not putting the pressure on the same Alumni time and again for their financial support.  This project also provides the opportunity for our Old Boys/Girls to be re-connected in a bigger way again.

I look forward to the continuity of this programme.  For this work, we would like extend our gratitude to Mr Ong Eng Khiam and his very committed committee members of SFA.


Tan Chin Shu

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