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May 08, 2010 at 01:06 PM

On 5th May 2010, David Michael Lee wrote me and informed me about the history of our school rally after reading an article published on TheFranciscan.ORG. Read the article here. According to David, the tune was described as a French martial air - in fact believed to be an Irish tune named 'O'Donnel Abu' and if you google the name, the source of the tune  goes back to an Irish heritage

If you read further, the song was first published c. 1843 as "The Clanconnell War Song." "Red Hugh" O'Donnell's hatred of England was based on a personal experience; as a teenager, the English had gotten him drunk and taken him prisoner. He escaped a few years later (1591), but the unfair imprisonment affected his opinions for the rest of his life. The "O'Neill" of the song is Hugh, third Baron of Dungannon and second Earl of Tyrone, one of the greatest Anglo-Irish barons of the time (1551-1616). He became O'Neill in 1593. He cooperated with the English more than this song might imply, but the threat to his position (Tudor bureaucracy looked likely to overcome the ancient clan loyalties) eventually pushed him toward rebellion. If the rebellion could be said to have a commander (a debatable point), he was it.

Click here for full image.

Who is "Red Hugh" O'Donnell? Read here on Wikipedia.

Here are some videos found on Youtube:

Thank you David Michael Lee for your contribution.

Click here for another article on our School Rally.
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