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Apr 04, 2014 at 06:08 AM

Calling all Franciscans,

Count down and an event that is completely SOLD OUT.  Maximum numbers of tables SFI QUADRANGLE can hold is 100 tables and all these 100 tables are fully taken up and many more are approaching Bro Ambrose for seats

We thank you for your wonderful support without which this dinner will be like any ordinary event.  Come this Saturday 5-April-2014, this dinner event you will not like to miss.  Let's all of us have a marvelous time to catch up with our teachers, schoolmates and classmates.

 We can park our cars at SFI Primary compound and also at SFI Secondary school field. RELA personnel will be on hand to direct traffic and please be a nice school boy/girl and follow the instruction/direction as per the authorized personnel on duty.  Encourage to car pool.

Below is the Programme card which will be put on the table for us to bring home.

We have arrange for the photographers all volunteers current SFI boys and old boys to go around to capture your year Class photographs.  Please give us your utmost co-operation.




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