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A thousand old boys rekinder their brotherhood on SFI 134 year anniversary PDF Print E-mail
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Apr 08, 2014 at 12:48 PM














This year dinner of 100 tables were all taken up by mainly old 'boys' as only form 6 have female students, oldest present was a 93 year old.

5 old boys who are in their 80s, who were invite on stage to cut a cake old boys from local and overseas as far as Australia, many who were busy with work made a point to come back and attend this even which were held once every 2 years.

Sim Beck Choo (72 yrs old): Not only that I am an old boy, I taught in SFI for 30 yrs, have been attending the school reunion function without fail, SFA is like a big family with a steady flow of new members every year. this year dinner is also around qing ming to facilitate some members who came back for the prayers to their ancestors.

Chong (Melaka Hakka Assoc CHairman, 1985 boy): those days in SFA was memorable and is happy to be still in contact with so many classmates. He remembered the school celebrated its 100th anniversary when he was in SFA with much funfare, which he still can recall everytime he go back.

Dato Goh (Bemban state rep, class of 93): attended the reunion dinner 2 to 3 times and felt happy about it, he had to cancel a few invitations to be able to come this this dinner. tonight his old classmates occupied 4 tables, has met some old teachers and friends, just like those school days. He hope that similar activities be organised by every school to foster old boys connection.

He said the class of 93 has setup a facebook page to reconnect the class with news on their old school.

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