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Jun 03, 2008 at 02:38 PM
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TheFranciscan.ORG is the official online Green & White Newsletter site.

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Green & White Newsletter

The Green & White is the official Newsletter of the school. Currently, the team is lead by Mr. Choe Sim Chye. The team produces 2 editions a year. It was originally a quarterly newsletter but due to high operation cost, it was scaled to 2 editions a year. Before TheFranciscan.ORG, the Green & White Newsletter exist only in hardcopy and is mailed to Franciscans all over the world. But now, with this website, we hope we could reach more Franciscans at a cheaper cost.

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User Comments

Comment by jonhann on 2008-06-17 18:43:26
Dear Editor, 
I would believe majority of our franciscan are still very much keen in knowing the progress of our alma mater. 
We would be overjoyed if G&W were to publish in quaterly. 
Hence, I would propose to publish G&W in quaterly thru' the net. As for the hard copies would still maintain in every half-yearly which can comprehensively 2 quarterly issue in the net. 
This would help to lower down the printing cost and switching the old boys trend to the net. I believe all will understand as most of us now are actually surfing hourly. The switch of traffic load from printing to net can lower down the cost and strengthen the ties of all franciscan that scartted around the world. 
Thank You. 
Yeoh Jon Hann

Comment by limsiaho on 2008-06-18 22:48:29
I sokong. Save The Trees

Comment by azhar167 on 2008-06-25 02:11:22
Well done, editors. You have made the green & white global.

Comment by kcbong23 on 2008-07-28 18:47:41
yea..i sokong too.. Let's us play our part to save our loving trees..go for greennnn.

Comment by patrick on 2008-08-27 10:59:03
Dear Editors, 
All my family in Malaysia and Singapore have long gone, but happily my Alma Mater lives on, so SFI is my extended family. The Green & White is lively and it is a credit to everyone's effort, time and that all necessary commodity, i.e. money. The net is certainly the way forward to save on operating costs, not to mention that it achieves global coverage. Yes GREEN is a must and GREEN is fresh and full of life! Save our trees and nuture our ROOTS. There are many special places and people on this planet and MALACCA is one of them. Every success to all. 
Thank you, 

Comment by jonhann on 2009-06-07 17:54:41
Dear Editors, 
It's been almost a year since I proposed to have a quaterly G&W. Some of us here have actually supporting the Greens. However, there is no news from any of the editors regarding our views. Hopefully, our editorial board will not practice BN's way. So called "Open to Suggestion" but never getting a response. 
Franciscan, we believe in our motto. 
"Age Quod Agis" 
Thank You. 
Yeoh Jon Hann

Comment by edmund on 2009-06-20 03:30:26
Hi Yeoh Jon Hann, 
The G&W originally started as a quarterly newsletter from the very beginning. Due to cost and time, the Editor is not able to deliver the quarterly newsletter but the only option was to reduce it to bi-annually. 
The Editor is now reaching his 80s. In my opinion, he should be commented for this commitment to the G&W. 

Comment by chinshu on 2009-06-25 09:29:54
Hi Yeoh Jon Hann, 
We all love to have it quarterly.....but you try to reach out the OLd Boys for articles , then you will realise how hard our Mr Choe has tried all these years. 
Nice to read but hard to pull ourselves to pen even a Thank You note to the Green & White... admittedlly myself too. 
So, would you like to start the ball rolling ... taking a small lead to get some of your closer mates together and see how we can put some effort to get more articles in ?  
I wont mind helping out . This is my phone 012-2101281 
We can discuss about it and our Mr Choe would love to have more Old Boys forwarding news , photographs , etc... 
Cheers, chin shu

Comment by jonhann on 2009-08-09 07:55:54
Dear Chin Shu, 
I won't mind to take a little part of it. In fact my group of classmates were recently very active in FaceBook. I will call you once I 'm back to Malaysia. 
Yeoh Jon Hann

Comment by aikchu on 2010-06-13 19:35:07
Good move to save the environment today for tomorrow's generation by going really green. Always remember we don't inherit this earth but, we only borrow it from our children. 
Keep up the Franciscan spirit and thanks to our ex-teacher Mr. Choe Sim Chye and old boys for taking the initiative!

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